Friday, November 6, 2009


Chill out and unwind in the newest place-to-be on FM radio as ABS-CBN officially launched Tambayan 101.9 during a trade event Wednesday night.

Step inside this fresh on-air hub where listeners can celebrate and share life’s melodies with friends and spend 24/7 quality barkada bonding with your favorite DJ’s Martin D, China Heart, Laila Chikadora, Ric Rider, R-Nold Rei, Cha-Cha, Jack Melo, Reggie Valdez, Billie, Toni, and new additions Charlie, Onse, Jasmin, and Fiols.

“At the end of the day, we all want a place where we can just hangout and be with our good friends thus, we created a venue on-air where listeners can come together, have fun, have this barkada feel, and just be themselves,” said Station Manager Eli Bruce Capuyan.

Tambayan 101.9, aside from satisfying your daily music cravings, will keep you company and be by your side during your ups and downs, listen to what you want to say, give advice, make you laugh, and lift your spirits up when needed through its new and interactive segments like the Debatehan sa Tambayan, Mga Tambayers, Tambayan Showdown, Textpren, Ano Meron? and DJ Wannabe’s. Celebrity guests will also drop by and sit in the booth’s blue couch to answer your questions.

Meanwhile, the Tambayan experience intensifies even more as the station launches “Tambayan TV” initially accessible online via With this, listeners can see who they are talking to and what’s happening inside the booth alongside other cool and in-demand information like trivia on songs/artists, public service announcements, job vacancies, etc.

It also features an interactive chat box where viewers can send messages and participate on discussions; and a picture box where they can send in photos related to the topic.

From harnessing the power of TV, Tambayan 101.9 also takes on digital technology via HD Radio. Tambayan 101.9 on HD gives listeners crystal quality reception and offers them more choices as they have two additional stations on the same band width.

“In 101.9 HD1, you can get the feed from Tambayan 101.9. 101.9 HD2 and 101.9 HD3, on the other hand, are additional stations without DJ’s and are like iPod playlists. The former plays Top 40 hits, while the latter plays easy listening music,” Capuyan explained.

Tambayan 101.9 is also set to release a special album this year that will look back at the past 12 years of the station and compile the number one song for each year since its launch in 1996. Featured artists to give their own unique rendition of these songs include Erik Santos, Aiza Seguerra, Paraluman, Juris of MYMP, 6CycleMind, Moonstar 88, Toni Gonzaga, and Bugoy Drilon.

Tune in to your new tambayan on radio, Tambayan 101.9 everyday!



Having the right love at the wrong time-- This is the featured story this coming Sunday on Your Song Presents... starring Angelica Panganiban and Derek Ramsay.

When asked if the couple experienced such situation, Angelica and Derek replied, “Ayaw namin ng ganyang sitwasyon. Buti na lang right love at the right time kami (laughs).”

This Sunday, a story of a woman named Tammy (Angelica) who’s seemingly happy with her life as a career woman suddenly knocks her head off and starts to realize that she has so much success in her hands yet she has no one to share it with. In her encounter with Ralph (Derek Ramsay), love will blossom between the two. However, a big revelation will alter their relationship.

Spend your Sunday right and don’t miss ‘Your Song Presents’ this Sunday after ASAP’09 on ABS-CBN.



Kris Aquino has proven once again that she is one of the country’s biggest product endorsers. Less than two weeks after the launch of her new TV commercial, a new craze is beginning to spread in the country – the “Give me 555” gesture.

Kris premiered her new signature gesture in the 555 Tuna advertisement, where she is shown giving high-fives to fellow mothers to express her approval of the canned tuna brand’s winning combination of the goodness of home-cooked meals, nutrition, and affordable price.

“555 Tuna has everything a mom like me is looking for. It has a delicious taste my kids love. It’s healthy, and it’s super affordable. It costs as low as P18.50 per can. Kaya when it comes to tuna, I can’t help but say give me 555,” Aquino exclaimed.

Known for her exquisite taste and practicality, Kris has gained an unparalleled credibility as an endorser because she only supports brands she really believes in. And with her newest partner, she is confident she’s giving her family only the best.

“555 Tuna gives me variety with its 13 flavors that uniquely capture the taste of our favorite home-cooked everyday meals. It’s also fortified with Vitamin A and is rich in Omega 3 and natural protein. The fact that it’s affordable makes it perfect for budget and quality-conscious mothers like me,” she said.

The multi-tasking media maven is presently juggling hosting jobs in ABS-CBN’s “The Buzz” and “SNN.” Soon, she will also appear in other ABS-CBN programs and in movies as well.

“I work very hard so I value quality in everything I spend for. With 555 Tuna there’s Sarap, Sustansya, and Sulit in one package. I can’t ask for more. For me, it’s “give me 555 or nothing,” she ended.

Find out what Kris Aquino is cooking up with 555 Tuna. Watch out for her “Give me 555” commercial and discover what’s making Kris Aquino want to give you a high five.

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